This week’s round up

November 23, 2012

It’s been a tense and worrying week here in Israel.

Here are some links and some interesting information:

An Israeli Arab living in Taibe in central Israel has been arrested on suspicion of  placing the bomb on the bus that blew up on Wednesday in Tel Aviv, reports Ynet. The man allegedly was acting on behalf of a terror cell based in Ramallah who needed an Israeli Arab to carry out the attack. The bomb was detonated using a mobile phone.

Melanie Phillips writes on her blog that during Israeli strikes on Gaza, one civilian was killed for every 2 terrorist compared with Afghanistan where 3 civilians were killed for every one combatant.

The reason for so few Israeli casualties was the fact that we, Israelis, were running to our shelters as soon as we heard the siren & because of the wonderful Iron Dome. Radio shows told listeners where the sirens were going off as the attacks happened.

Earlier in the week, the Commentator reported how the media facility that was targeted by the Israelis was being used by a terrorist leader.

Yesterday in the Gaza cease fire celebrations a man was killed by a stray bullet that was being fired in celebration,reports Maan News.

Many Israelis wonder why Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to this peace fire. To read his explanation, click here.

And lastly, some reasons why Gaza shouldn’t be celebrating from the Elder of Ziyon’s blog.

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