What’s the price of water?

June 29, 2012

Maan News reports that Israel is putting up the price of the water that it supplies to the Palestinian Authority from 2.60 to 3.70 shekels per cubic litre.  The head of the Palestinian Water Authority complained that Israel was not committed to water agreements under the Oslo Accords and the quantity of water the Palestinian side received this year was less than it received in 1995. He did concede that part of the problem is being caused by poor management in Bethlehem.

I’m paying 8.63 shekels per cubic metre of water. A cubic metre of water is 1000 litre of water. There isn’t a measurement of a cubic litre. So what are they really paying?

A quick look at the Palestinian Water Authority website shows that they do have ongoing development projects to increase water supply to the population of some Palestinian towns including the digging of a well near Jericho that will have an output of 170 cubic metres per day. If you take a look at this website (link above) you’ll see that at World Water Day celebrations in Ramallah, the opening speech blamed Israel for their water problems.

Don’t forget Israel has an ongoing drought and water problems of its own. And how does blaming Israel help the peace process?

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